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Monday, 24 January 2011

Self Portrait in Progress

I recently started painting a self portrait in oil. Using a mirror set up next to my canvas I decided to do one in just 4 hours. The painting had a rough and free quality about it that appealed to me and I liked how it caught my mood. I looked masculine and grumpy and most people I showed it to thought I looked a bit depressed, which although I  did not mind,  got me thinking-Do I want to conform to what people think or can I go on satisfying my own desire for self expression without listening to others opinions? I concluded that sometimes in life it is best to compromise, but in art anything should go. I then wanted to see if I could do a new painting everyday, to try and catch my changing expression.
So its a new day and as you can see I am still working on me. Interesting how expressions come out and change as your painting!
Expression 1-grumpy and masculine. 2-whimsical and confident. 3-confused and slightly frightened. 4-Melancholy, thoughtful..
Still don't think it's quite finished...!

As you can see it is hard to decide when to stop, the more I paint the more I see my expressions change,  as these pictures demonstrate and the more obsessed I get with the detail the longer I want to paint.